HOWTO: How to Use Newly Released Pinterest Business Pages

From the blog:

How to Use Newly Released Pinterest Business Pages « HECKENKEMPER

Pinterest hit the social networking scene this past year and has quickly become a platform that is showing great promise and meteoric rise in both number of users and time spent on site. It’s ease of use, powerful visual imagery and seamless tie ins to Facebook and Twitter have shown it’s one that should not be ignored. Pinterest started off with a very high percentage of female users in the 20-30′s demographic, the last 6 months have shown an equalizing trend with more and more male users and now the fastest growing segment of users are in fact corporate/business pages. We saw pages going up dedicated specifically for brands and many small business owners created boards for their business within their personal accounts. November 2012 Pinterest released their Business Pages that offer enhanced options including a verification badge similar to what you have seen on Facebook or Twitter, giving an authenticity to accounts. Business pages also offer buttons and widgets to be used on your company website. Let’s take a closer look on how to set up your business page or how to convert your existing account to a business page.

~ by WPA Staff on December 14, 2012.

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