Custom Sidebar Per Page WordPress Widget Areas

From the blog:

Custom Sidebar Per Page WordPress Widget Areas – DIY Website

As you’ve probably figured out I use plugins for preference mainly to save my time, as coding is very time consuming. I also have a lot of sites. This however isn’t the only way, and if you only have one site and don’t mind learning code then read the codex. It has great and simple explanations for how to make effective improvements for your website. This codex article on the sidebar talks about different ways to display navigation and links in your sidebar. They also have a long codex list of widgets you can add.

As always, check ratings, download stats, user comments, version compatibility and last updated info before installing widgets and plugins. The CMS is updated often and if the widget shows it was created in 2008 and has never been updated it may not work and could even damage your database and make a big clean up job for you. But if it is still being downloaded often and is highly rated and there are no negative comments, it may just be a simple widget that does still work. So just check – is all.

~ by WPA Staff on June 5, 2012.

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