Introduction to media queries (in 2 parts)

From the blog:

Introduction to media queries – Part 1: What are media queries? | Adobe Developer Connection

The rapid spread of mobile devices has turned the world of web design upside down. Users no longer view web content only on traditional desktop systems, but are increasingly using smartphones, tablets, and other devices with a wide range of dimensions. The challenge for web designers is to ensure that their websites look good not only on a big screen, but also on a tiny phone and everything in between.

Media queries are an excellent way to deliver different styles to different devices, providing the best experience for each type of user. A part of the CSS3 specification, media queries expand the role of the media attribute that controls how your styles are applied. For example, it’s been common practice for years to use a separate style sheet for printing web pages by specifying media=”print” . Media queries take this idea to the next level by allowing designers to target styles based on a number of device properties, such as screen width, orientation, and so on.

~ by WPA Staff on May 18, 2012.

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