HOWTO: Bulletproof CSS3 media queries

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Carrer Blog: Bulletproof CSS3 media queries

If you are part of the CSS community you probably know that CSS3 media queries will change the way how we write CSS.

Why is that?

CSS3 media queries are very handy to target various devices with various monitor (screen) size. With the help of the CSS3 media queries we can have site optimized for iPhone and other mobile devices, with the same solution we can have site optimized for iPad and all other tablets . This CSS solution will be much more cheaper than building new mobile web site something like or .

Can we start using the CSS3 media queries today?

Yes we can!

The main problem of the CSS3 media queries is they will not work in the older browsers .

CSS3 media queries will not work in IE8 (and lower) also browsers lower then Firefox 3.5, Safari 3, and Opera 7. Basically the main problem is IE and the older version of Firefox.

For the mobile web browsers this solution should work for the modern webkit and opera browsers that support CSS3 media queries.

I tried to resolve this problem by providing pure CSS solution for 95% of market share PC browsers and JavaScript solution for the rest of the browsers.

~ by WPA Staff on May 18, 2012.

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