21 Tips to Balance Social Media Addiction, Tweets, Life and Real Work!

From the blog:

21 Tips to Balance Social Media Addiction, Tweets, Life and Real Work! | The Marketing Nut

…As I settled in for a few minutes on #BlogChat, the big plans of a productive night on social media inclusive of a new blog post slipped away into never never, never tweet land.

As I Google +’d stumbled, Triberred, Twittered and Pinterested… time escaped, my night and almost this blog post escaped right with it. Thank goodness for @LiivLee who recommended that I write a post about such or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Anyway, as I tweeted, posted, planned tweetups, meetups, tweetchats, answered questions, networked with folks across the globe it reminded me why I love social media so much. It wasn’t time wasted and it’s definitely not the first or last time it will happen. I’m considering writing off Sunday nights to any productive online work and instead fully embrace the social aspect of it.

Anyone who follows me knows I believe plans are required, not optional when it comes to social media for business. I also believe that “being social” is a requirement for success in social media. Yet “being social” all by itself won’t bring real results. You must have a plan that includes objectives, goals, and knowing your audience. A plan to inspire and connect with your audience, and of course build a conversion funnel to monetize it at some point (if that’s your goal.)

Chances are slim that you can simply grab a Twitter account, setup a Facebook page and spend every day tweeting out randomness and see results unless there is a method to your social madness.

At the same time, you need to go with the flow. You may set aside 30 minutes in an afternoon to “be social,” yet you may find that your community of followers and fans are busy doing other things.

On the other hand, you may have big plans like I did this evening to write blog posts, and catch up on other work. On these days or nights you may feel like the whole world is being social and you are being left out.

So what is a social tweeting, Facebooking, Googling, Pinteresting, Linking addict to do? How do you know when to tweet, blog, pin, post, talk, chat or turn off all of the above and hang with your in real life friends and family?

Here are 21 tips to help you manage time and balance the many different roles and responsibilities you have as a business leader and social media addict. Please add your tips and thoughts in the comments!

~ by WPA Staff on March 26, 2012.

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