3 Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Business

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3 Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Business – ITM Marketing Blog

If you’re a business owner and you take part in social media, are you helping or hurting your business? There’s a misconception out there about social media which revolves around the thought that if a business is involved in social media, it means that their business is benefiting from it. The truth however is that your business only benefits from social media if you’re using it correctly and you’re properly engaging your followers. When social media isn’t used properly, it can destroy your business.

Business owners don’t sign up for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms to ruin their business. The intention going into things is usually good but it doesn’t take long for things to take an ugly turn. One mistake, one customer, one instance of accountability being questioned and a business can suffer a loss. There’s no office door to hide behind, there’s no receptionist to turn people away that you don’t want to see- when you’re on social media, everything’s out there and transparency is a vital part of the process.

This all sounds terrifying but before you go running for the hills and as far away from your social media accounts as you can get, there’s a reason why you need to know the downside of social media. If you’re not aware of what can happen, then you’re not going to be aware of how to prevent it. Once negative information is out there, it’s out there for good, which is why preventing a social media disaster is the only fool proof way of making sure that it doesn’t happen to you.

If you’re not convinced that there’s anything to worry about in regards to social media, here are 3 ways that social media can destroy your business.

~ by WPA Staff on March 21, 2012.

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