New FREE Tool Alert: Find Broken Links and Errors

From the blog:

New FREE Tool Alert: Find Broken Links and Errors | Search Engine Journal

Throughout the years I’ve been reviewing several broken link checking tools like Xenu (desktop), LinkAider (paid), Link Checker (free but quite limited) and others.

While we seem to have a few alternatives to identify broken links in our pages, all of them are quite limited:

  • No good reports (While I do love spreadsheets for many purposed, Excel is not always great for link reports. In Mac, for example, URLs clicked from Excel take quite some time to make it to the browser. Besides, in most cases, it takes you two clicks: one to “activate” the link and make it clickable in the cell and another to actually click it);
  • Paid or limited functionality (for example, only 100 URLs crawled for free)
  • Insufficient information returned, etc.

Therefore creating a free, yet advanced broken links checker was such a bright idea!

Jim Boykin has just announced today the launch of the the free tool that lets you find broken links, redirects & generate Google Sitemap.

~ by WPA Staff on March 5, 2012.

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