September 2011: The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide

From the blog:

September 2011: The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide | ZDNet

Facebook’s privacy and security settings have changed massively. It’s time to catch up and ensure your settings are up to date.

Every single Facebook user should now have the brand new privacy settings, which have changed radically since the last update.

With brand new features and revamped settings to play with — this three-day holiday weekend is a perfect opportunity for you to take a look at your Facebook account, profile and privacy settings, and lock them down.

However, because of Facebook’s expected profile, account and privacy shift earlier this month, an awful lot has changed — as you will no doubt have noticed.

The previous Lockdown Guides have been some of the most popular content on ZDNet to date.

Each gallery guide will walk you through a crucial focus area of Facebook’s settings, and will run through every single setting, option and feature available to users, to ensure that your privacy is as protected as it can be.

~ by WPA Staff on November 18, 2011.

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