4 Key Considerations for Scaling Your Database

From the blog:

4 Key Considerations for Scaling Your Database

Scalability is one of the biggest buzzwords around the cloud ecosystem. Scalability of the database tier, in particular, takes center stage these days.

The cloud promises scalability in that virtualized resources — from a tiny application up to huge traffic volumes — can be easily added or removed to accommodate any use case or demand. While scalability of the application tier is pretty much a no-brainer (and many solutions address that), the scalability of the sensitive database tier still remains the Achilles’ heel for many applications running in the cloud.

When evaluating a database solution, it’s important to make sure your database scales in a way that is optimal for the needs of your application. Below are four key things to consider when choosing a suitable scaling solution for your database.

~ by WPA Staff on September 27, 2011.

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