10 Tips to Get the Twitter Conversation Started!

From the blog:

10 Tips to Get the Twitter Conversation Started! | Social Media Today

You have read the blog posts, listened to the webinars and even bought the books. You’ve been watching the tweets go by for at least three to six months. One consistent message you keep hearing is that social media is one big conversation. Twitter is all about the conversation, connecting with real people. You wish you could have a conversation. You wish even one person would talk to you on a regular basis.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Many find it hard to accept that Twitter is not a broadcast medium. It’s not about how clean your tweet stream looks. It doesn’t need to look like a piece of collateral or data sheet from the pre-Facebook era.

Your friends aren’t going to think less of you if every tweet doesn’t include a link. In reality you’ll probably have more new friends if they don’t!

Yes, what they say is true. Twitter is truly about a conversation. An opportunity to connect with people from around the globe that you’d never be able to connect with otherwise.

Check out these 10 tips to get in the game of social conversation! Isn’t it time you engage in more than a link broadcast session?


~ by WPA Staff on June 17, 2011.

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