Using and customizing BuzzBoost appearance

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Using and customizing BuzzBoost appearance – FeedBurner Help

Creating Your BuzzBoost Code Snippet

To use BuzzBoost, navigate to the Publicize tab for your feed and select the BuzzBoost service from the menu on the left. Set BuzzBoost options the way you like, then click Activate (or Save if the service is already active).

Next, copy the BuzzBoost code snippet that FeedBurner generates for your feed and paste it into any webpage template you currently publish. When you view that page with a browser, BuzzBoost now displays your chosen feed’s headlines (and optional content item excerpts and date stamps, depending on your settings).
Customizing BuzzBoost’s Appearance

Your BuzzBoost output is marked up with id and class attributes, providing you with plenty of options for styling your resyndicated feed using Cascading Style Sheets.

Here’s a dissection of the output code, along with some tips for applying styles. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of our sample uses for BuzzBoost.

~ by WPA Staff on February 7, 2011.

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