Mobile Application vs. Mobile web and Where Mobile is Headed

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Blog » Mobile Application vs. Mobile web and Where Mobile is Headed | CakeMail

If you don’t live in a cave you’ve probably noticed that there is presently a really a big mobile boom. So it should also be no surprise that a lot of frameworks are popping up to fill this field and make mobile coding less painful.

When you think that there are hundreds of types of devices all running different operating systems, you’re in for a big headache to make your website compatible with most of them – and I’m not even talking about the logistics of acquiring the most popular phones to test with. In fact, even targeting a single device like the iPhone can be a challenge, as people using the iPhone do not always upgrade their phone, and with older operating systems come older browsers.

Between web solutions like jQuery mobile, jQtouch, Sencha Touch and and native solutions like Titanium appcelerator, PhoneGap (ouuuffff) it’s pretty difficult to know where this all leads to. I thought it would be helpful to provide a little run down of all these frameworks to show how they compare and also to look deeper into the mobile web.

~ by WPA Staff on January 25, 2011.

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