Do You Need a Mobile Website?

Do You Need a Mobile Website? | McCormick & Winter Web Development, Flash, Interactive Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Developing a site that works well on both desktops and mobile devices is particularly tricky. Not only are mobile screens dramatically smaller, but mobile internet speeds are invariably much slower than they are for PC users. This means that big images, videos, or flash content that would normally work fine could take ages to load on a mobile device, sending impatient visitors away (especially if, as is often the case, their service provider is charging by the kilobyte). Add to this the fact that mobile users are usually looking for different parts of your site than they would at their desks – just a map or a phone number, for instance – and it begins to be apparent just how sup-optimal the average website is for mobile viewing.

Just How Necessary is a Mobile Site? Of course, like having another kid, a separate mobile site will require yet more time and money. Before you make any rash decisions, we’d advise taking a minute to decide if it’s really worth your while.

~ by WPA Staff on July 14, 2010.

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