A list of Twitter bots

Twitter can be fun, too. From the original post:

12 weird and wonderful Twitter Retweet Bots

One of the strangest experiences you can have on Twitter is to be retweeted by a Bot.

Retweet Bots are scripts that search Twitter for tweets that mention a certain word or phrase and then automatically retweet them. From movie phrases to foodstuffs, mention a keyword that a Bot is searching for and you might end up getting retweeted. Some bots take a different approach and reply to you with catchphrases.

Whether it’s a retweet or an auto-reply, Bots can be an annoying. Twitter is all about personal interaction. When automated accounts start contacting you it can feel like you’ve been violated in some way.

Searching Twitter for “Retweeted by a bot” reveals a trail of annoyed bot ‘victims’. It also reveals some of the strange bots that are out there, working 24-7 to pointlessly repeat what you say. Here are some of the best we’ve found.


~ by WPA Staff on January 13, 2010.

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