Twitterfeed helps with your twittering and blogging

Every blogger’s approach to Twitter is a little different, depending on the available time one has and on the level of involvement one can maintain. Twitterfeed is a tool to help automate your Tweets.

Twitterfeed : Bringing RSS to Twitter for Every Blogger | Search Engine Journal

I’d heard about this Twitter fad for a good year or so, but had never really gotten into it (or Twittered) until after the SMX West search marketing conference in early March. It seemed like almost everyone was using Twitter at the conference for various reasons; whether they were to alert others of the sessions that they were attending, or sharing their favorite blog posts.

Sharing the favorite blog posts is what gathered my attention, since I am an Internet marketer and the ability to gather more eyes to my blog or other sites (along with sites I like) presented itself to be a new and personally untapped opportunity. I signed up to Twitter, followed some of my friends, and after a couple of days I hit 100 followers. I noticed that some of the other bloggers like Pete Cashmore or Andy Beal were routinely dropping links in their Twitter posts and I figured that they must be using some automated tool to distribute RSS via Twitter. The next step was performing the simple query on Google; “RSS to Twitter” and ranked in the top position was Twitterfeed.


~ by WPA Staff on January 7, 2010.

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