Encode video in the cloud with Encoding.com

Sounds interesting, but raises questions on bandwidth usage while uploading the bulky MPEG-2 files, etc. Still, the cloud! The cloud!

Make Video Encoding Easy and Affordable With Encoding.com

Name: Encoding.com

Quick Pitch: Encoding.com is the leading SaaS provider of studio-class video encoding services. It scales instantly and supports all popular media formats.

Genius Idea: One of the most tedious aspects of online video creation is the encoding process. Sure, YouTube (YouTube) is great for some purposes, but it’s not really the ideal platform for getting high-quality video onto the web in a number of different formats.


~ by WPA Staff on January 6, 2010.

One Response to “Encode video in the cloud with Encoding.com”

  1. Hi, I am the Marketing Director at HeyWatch.
    Thanks for this good article.
    That is true, Encoding is a promising service.

    But, you should also have a look at HeyWatch who has been the leader in Online Professional Video Encoding since 2006 – http://bit.ly/5BT30B

    Affordable, with exclusive features such as Watermarking, 2-pass, trendiest video formats (h264, Theora for HTML5), HD Ready, and even more. You can use HeyWatch through a graphical smart and complete interface. But for professional use, you can integrate HeyWatch in white label to externalize your encoding tasks and focus on your core business via a REST API.

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