Find the perfect Twitter username plus matching domain with Tweexchange

Cool tool to search for Twitter usernames and related domain names.

Find Available Domains and Twitter Names with Tweexchange

Tweexchange lets you quickly find available Twitter (Twitter) usernames and web domain names (through GoDaddy) at the same time. The results appear fairly quickly, as you type the name in the search box, which gives you a nice side-by-side comparison of available names.

If you like, Tweexchange can notify you when a domain that is pending removal will be removed. You can also back order taken web domain names, and bid for domains that are for sale directly from the service. In a world where a Twitter username is almost equally as important as a web domain name (or a Facebook (Facebook) name, for that matter), Tweexchange makes it really simple and fast to find a name that’s available on both fronts.

~ by WPA Staff on January 4, 2010.

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