PowerPoint not required for presentations

These are some practical solutions on how to create and distribute a slideshow presentation without the use of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Share Presentations Without PowerPoint – Wired How-To Wiki

You just sent an important business contact an e-mail with a PowerPoint presentation attached. This is the sort of presentation that could make or break your career.

To your delight, you get a quick reply back. This is certifiably good news! You click the message and your hopes are deflated: “I couldn’t get the file to open on my computer.”

Yes, there are people who don’t own PowerPoint. And, even though there are other programs that can open up your document, the best option is probably to use an online service to convert your presentation into something anyone can see. Plus, you don’t have to include a 5 MB attachment that way. Even in today’s broadband world, large attachments are poor form.

Read on to find out how to share your business presentations without PowerPoint. And learn some other benefits that are available once you get your slides online.


~ by WPA Staff on December 30, 2009.

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