Multi-language Google tool now auto-translates Google Sites

Now people collaborating on Google Sites don’t have to know English 🙂

Click a Button, Translate an Entire Google Site

One of our favorite Google tools, Google Translate, not only talks and translates in real-time, but it’s been integrated in a wide variety of Google services, including Google Reader, Gmail, and most recently, Google Toolbar.

Now Google has announced that it has integrated Translate with yet another one of Google’s (Google) many products. This time, it’s Google Sites, a tool for creating simple but useful web pages. All of the pages within Sites can be translated just by clicking a floating “translate” button on the bottom right of the page.


~ by WPA Staff on December 18, 2009.

One Response to “Multi-language Google tool now auto-translates Google Sites”

  1. Hi Bogdan, is true, obviously, it does not work using flash. For example, have a look in our page (, we done it using google sites but we did all translations. It would be fantastic a floating “traslate” button working with flash as well, I think it does make sense. Don´t forget to leave a comment of our page on

    Cheers, Andrés.

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