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Let the URL shortener wars begin!

What Do Goo.gl and Fb.me Mean for Bit.ly?

While URL shortening has become an increasingly important business in the wake of Twitter and its 140-character revolution, we’ve never seen anything happen to the space that compares to what has happened today. First Facebook’s fb.me was revealed to be in use for link sharing. It took almost no time at all for Google to follow up with the announcement of Goo.gl, which is now part of the Google Toolbar and Feedburner.

Think about it: Two of the world’s most powerful tech companies have jumped onto the URL shortener bandwagon. While it’s a major validation of the market potential for the space, it presents a unique challenge to market leader Bit.ly (bit.ly).

Are Google and Facebook out to take out Bit.ly? Can the number one most popular URL shortener hope to compete against the likes of these tech titans?


~ by WPA Staff on December 15, 2009.

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