Making your website a little more semantic

Making your website a little more semantic using microformats such as hCard.

Add hCard to Your Site – Webmonkey

If you don’t know about hCard information or microformats, you might want to check out our Introduction to Microformats. In short, microformats add tags to information on a website that to you and me is obvious.

For example, you see an address on a web page, and you can instantly associate it to an address. A browser sees this address and equates it with anything else on the page. Microformats handholds the browser into identifying it for exactly what it is. There are microformats for maps, addresses, phone numbers, calendar events, and so on. Hcard is one such microformat. It identifies addresses to the browser. As hCards grow more popular, future browsers will know what to do with them.

~ by WPA Staff on November 19, 2009.

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