“Borrowing” content with JQuery in DotNetNuke

JQuery support has been added to most recent versions of DotNetNuke, and it makes it easier to “borrow” content from other pages within this popular CMS.

DotNetNuke > Community > Blogs – DotNetNuke Tips and Tricks #13: Re-using Content with jQuery

A user recently asked me how they could re-use the content from one page on another page in their site. A couple of years ago I would have suggested that they make a “copy” of the module using the built-in capabilities. This works well when you are trying to duplicate the entire content of the module, however, there are times when you just want a portion of the content. In the past the answer would have been to split up the content on the original page – which might require changing your skin and may not be possible when using 3rd party modules.

The optimal solution would not require me to make any changes to the original page, but would instead allow me just to grab specific content and display it on a new page. Thanks goodness we added jQuery support in 4.9 and 5.0. This problem is really easy to solve with some simple html and a jQuery one-liner.


~ by WPA Staff on November 10, 2009.

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