Yet another WordPress blog post…

…and with it we launch our Web Page Authority blog. No fanfare, hold the applause – this blog isn’t special. It has no huge following (yet), nor will it set itself apart from the rest as “the go to place for all things technical” or some such. The goal of this blog is to collect and discuss the technological news that may or will affect the lives of such people that dare call themselves “Web Professionals.”

At Web Page Authority we strive to provide the best web-based tools for businesses at affordable prices, all wrapped in a great customer service experience. We do not outsource our projects – we use our own experience, tech savvy, know-how and desire to succeed to make your ideas a reality. We look for great tools, test them out, and make them available to our customers. In this process we encounter and overcome obstacles, and in this blog we’ll discuss our failures and successes. We’ll also provide links to other blogs and other useful resources.

In short – our goal is to stay on top of things that will make our professional lives better. We hope you’ll like what you’ll find here. Welcome to Web Page Authority’s official blog!

~ by WPA Staff on November 5, 2009.

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